Barb Cummings Interracial Fuck Session

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Barb Cummings here! We have the tattooed gangster Deep Threat starring Julias as this week’s interracial ice cream pregnancy group! From the moment I first saw these two black cuckoos, I knew they would know how to properly treat a black slut during an interracial mating. And they did not disappoint! Deep Threat didn’t take long until he couldn’t hold it any longer and splattered my stomach with semen from his big black cock as Julias fucked in my mouth. It was a HUGE load that I could feel spewing out the back of my vulva. After the ‘Threat pulled out, his semen started oozing out immediately, so he used his black cock to pull everything back into place, trying as hard as he could to stimulate me. . This sight really got Julias excited, so he didn’t last much longer after that! I [Barb Cummings] lay on my back for him and pulled WIDE. He pumped into my pink pussy for a few minutes before telling me he was going to feed me ice cream. He shot a few strands of semen inside me, then pulled it out and shot a few more into my lips, belly, clothes, and hands. He shot sperm in and on my stomach over and over again until his massive orgasm finally ended. OMFG!!!